Daisy shared her home with four other beautiful cats. Their names are Tails, Boris, Bonnie and Rosie.

Tails was a fifteen year old red tabby. He came to us from the RSPCA in 1993 when he was twelve weeks old, along with another cat, Monty, who sadly passed away in 1997. This makes Tails the longest serving member of the cat family and although he did not socialise much with the other cats, he tolerated them well, even playing with Rosie from time to time.

Tails is now resting with Daisy over Rainbow Bridge.

Boris is a twelve year old Oriental lilac who joined our household in 1997, shortly after Monty passed away. He is the most laid-back cat here and loves to sleep on anyone's lap.

Bonnie is a six year old seal tortie-point Siamese, who came to us in 2003. Bonnie is a timid cat but has struck up a great friendship with Boris and you can guarantee that wherever Boris is, Bonnie isn't far away. She may be shy but is always eager to receive a good back scratch or some of her favourite treats.

Rosie is a four year old lilac point Siamese. Rosie has been shown on numerous occasions and has obtained Premier status. She is a very talkative, ravenous and in-your-face kind of cat who purrs even when she's at the vets! She is the only cat who will willingly climb into the cat basket. It seems as though she thinks she's human, because she loves human company so much.

Rosie and Daisy struck up quite a relationship, with Rosie often giving her a thorough clean! Daisy also loved the company of Boris, breaking into a loud purr every time she saw him or sensed that he was near.